Chinese Psychology Understanding Themes & Beliefs

Chinese Psychology with Nexus College

Better understand your clients from a Chinese background

Objective of Event:

This intensive workshop will help you to identify with the underlying philosophical beliefs of the people from a Chinese family influence. General study of the teachings of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism are addressed and their influences of the social psychological characteristics of Chinese society are discussed.

The close binds of family and the importance of ‘saving face’ are looked at in depth, plus other Chinese values are examined exploring the various affective, behavioural and cognitive patterns associated with the Chinese psyche.

The following questions are openly discussed within the workshop to give a better understanding of the mindset of your Chinese clients: What distinguishes Chinese intergenerational relationships? How do the Chinese manage conflict? Is Chinese society generally individualist or collectivist? Are Chinese Capable of expressing their emotions?

This workshop is will give the participant great opportunity to talk openly about common mis-understandings about Chinese clients and to ask open questions so that they can serve them better...

What you will learn:

Although every effort is made within the workshop to address as much background as possible the course is not able to give an exhaustive teaching of all that influences Chinese psyche; rather it will give a general broad bases of information empowering participants to enquire more through other avenues...

The workshop is a combination of theory and experience of traditional Chinese practice. Themes for discussion have been broken up into the following subject areas:

  • Confucianism and its influence on the Chinese person;

  • Taoism and it’s influence on the Chinese person;

  • Buddhism and it’s influence on the Chinese person.;

  • The social psychological characteristics of modern Chinese society;

  • The influence of Filial Piety;

  • Managing modern relationships within the influence of Yuan;

  • Saving face - communication patterns and face management;

  • The role of genders and female egalitarianism in China over the years;

  • Chinese emotions and emotional management;

  • Psychological wellbeing in modern China; and

  • Values and beliefs as influenced by Chinese fiction.


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