Using Measures in Clinical Practice – DASS/ORS/SRS/HHH and Intro to Luscher

November 18, 2017

Measures provide clinicians with the information they require to support the development of management/care plans, as well as the monitoring, review and evaluation of that care. Measuring the health outcomes of consumers in mental health services is critical to ensure that every consumer continually benefits from the treatment and care they receive. 


This workshop explores: 

  • DASS – Depression, Anxiety,

  • Stress Scale; ORS – Outcome Rating ScaleSRS; 

  • Session Rating Scale; HHH – Helplessness,

  • Hopelessness and Haplessness Scale;

  • as well as the Luscher Colour Diagnostic (introduction)

Who should attend:


This workshop is a must for anyone working in a mental health role who wants to understand a number of core psychometartic assessment tools.


FORMAT:  half-day seminar presention


WHAT TIME(s): morning - afternoon - evening presentionations


WHERE:  We present this workshop across the Asia Pacific region


HOW MUCH:  Prices vary based on location overhead


Hosted by Neuro Balance Australasia for more information click here or REGISTER HERE


Can not find a date? Then shoot us an email to express your interest to be advised when we next host this workshop?




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