ABOUT Nexus College: 

NEXUS COLLEGE AUSTRALASIA was founded in 2007 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Waterworth Pty Ltd (established in 1994) now known as Shane Warren & Associates.


NEXUS COLLEGE AUSTRALASIA is the Asia-Pacifics premiere continuous professional development school.


NEXUS COLLEGE AUSTRALASIA with its outstanding teachers, excellent courses, great facilities and reasonable prices is unique from any other educational institute in Australia because we focus our energies on assisting professionals to improve their skill set so they can become even better at their jobs and their lives!


NEXUS COLLEGE AUSTRALASIA students come from a variety of professional backgrounds and many levels of an organisation.


NEXUS COLLEGE AUSTRALASIA is uniquely positioned to help students from overseas through two wholly owned businesses – Nexus Student Services and Nexus Language Centre.


NEXUS COLLEGE AUSTRALASIA has a friendly atmosphere and we welcome students from all backgrounds and beliefs.


Please visit anytime and see why its fun to study with friends…

Nexus College students learning in cmfort

Partner promotions:

Not all the courses and workshops presented here are Nexus programs alone – we are happy to promote programs from ‘mates’ of ours who we know will do a good job.  You will know the hosting provider when you click the book now link…