September 22, 2019

Understand ADHD with this course, written by expert therapist Dr. Dawn Ferrara, has worked with children and adults with ADHD for over 20 years

Learn how to assist parents, teachers or carers of a child who:

  • fidgets a lot?

  • always loses things?

  • is constant...

Orlando Bloom, Whoopi Goldberg and Steven Spielberg are some of the famous people who live with dyslexia. It’s a common learning disorder but would you recognize the signs?

With 1 in 10 people living with dyslexia but what does it mean? Find out more about thi...

Understand the challenges people with autism face on a daily basis so you can help and better communicate with them 

Each year, the reported number of people afflicted with autism increases, and the autism community needs more people who are understanding of the conditi...

As a new parent, no matter how much you prepare, nothing can prepare you for what’s to come when you leave the hospital and step out into the world with a brand-new baby. 

This hands-on parenting manual features video lessons that will give you the tools you need to hel...

For many people the most important role in life is the one for which they’re least prepared - raising children! 

Typically, people tend to raise children in the same way as their parents did or as a reaction against said upbringing.

This program recognises...

From post school pressures to navigating social media, there is so much that today’s teens and their families have to deal with… 

With the dreaded teens a hot topic of conversation in family therapy this online workshop will help you better understand how to guide...

Want to get your body back after your new arrival? Follow these safe, gentle exercises and healthy diet advice to nurture you and your body 

Growing a baby and giving birth is probably the most important, most life changing and most challenging experience there is in li...

Better understand your clients from a Chinese background

Objective of Event:

This intensive workshop will help you to identify with the underlying philosophical beliefs of the people from a Chinese family influence. General study of the teachings of Confucianism, Taoism...

Participants will learn a series of yoga poses to release difficult emotions and how to benefit from this release with emotional freedom techniques.

On completion of the workshop, practitioners will: 

  1. Demonstrate a clear understanding of EFT and how it can be applied...

Don't let your clients get trapped into the latest fad diet, take this course to find how to eat and drink your way to natural beauty 

Help others and yourself eat your way to natural beauty

When you think about it, it’s actually quite simple. Your body is an ecosystem -...

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 Nexus College 

Established in 2007, by partnering with a number of providers around the globe Nexus College has grown to be the premier professional development network in the Asia Pacific Region.


Our company tag is ‘Study with friends!’ because that is the environment we like to create in all of our courses…


A fun, fast and fantastic learning environment!


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