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Build on your awesome role as a good parent and fulfill your dream to raise happy children with our quintessential parenting skills video course!


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The most important role in life is the one for which we’re least prepared - raising our children! Often we raise our children in the same way as our parents did or as a reaction against our own upbringing.

All we want is for our children to be happy. But we know they’re under a lot of pressure - at school, in their social life and online.

Being a good parent has never been tougher. This easy-to-follow video parenting course is here to support and guide you. It’s full of practical advice to reassure you as you strive to be the best parent you possibly can.

You’ve already shown you’re committed to being a good parent by looking into our course. Once you sign up, you’ll have more amazing parenting skills to enable you to enjoy an even better relationship with your child. Sign up and start learning straight away!

Children don’t come with an instruction manual. You get told how and what to feed children, how to dress them and what inoculations they need. But what do you do if:

  • Your child is being bullied?
  • Your kid is a bully?
  • Your little one is going through a tough time at school?
  • You think they're spending too much time playing video games? And how much screen time should they have exactly?
  • You want to keep them safe on the internet?
  • They want the latest brands and expensive presents?
  • Your child lacks confidence and you want to encourage them without being pushy?

It’s challenging to be a good parent in today’s fast-moving, high-tech world. Our Raising Happy Kids course has been compiled by Jodi Aman, who has been a therapist and intuitive counselor since 1994. She has a wealth of experience in working with parents and their children. Now she is sharing her wisdom on how to be a good parent and how to raise happy kids in this video course online.

By studying good parenting skills online, you get to choose when and where to study. There are no set times to attend parenting classes. Plus you can follow Jodi’s practical advice on how to be a good parent in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

It will reassure you that you’re already bringing up your children well and offer sensible advice on issues you have yet to face. The Raising Happy Kids course has been designed to give you more confidence to raise your children in the best way possible. As Jodi herself puts it: “All I do is reflect back the good in you that you show me”.

Your children are learning to make meaning of their world. With your guidance and good parenting skills, they can develop skills to confidently and positively face up to their world. Help them along their amazing journey with the effective parenting advice you’ll find in this Raising Happy Kids video course.

This is a self-paced online program so start anytime - just click RSVP and we shall send you the details to begin or... START NOW BY CLICKING HERE

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