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DNA & GENEALOGY (online)

Learn how to use and analyze DNA in the world of criminology and genealogy. Uncover your family history and learn how to find the records you need to start piecing together your own family tree!

DNA & GENEALOGY (online)

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Your past makes you and shapes you and your family. So have you ever been curious about?

  • Your roots and where you came from?
  • What your family did throughout history?
  • If your family took part in any major historic events?
  • Whether you have a famous relative, or maybe even royal connections?
  • Why everyone on your Dad's side has the same nose and curly hair?

Do you wonder why you:

  • Look like you do?
  • Act in a certain manner?
  • Are prone to certain diseases, aches or pains?

You can unlock the door to your unique family story to find out the answers to all these and more when you study our DNA and Genealogy course. You’ll learn where to start digging to build the foundations of your family tree to properly understand your place in the world.

Understanding how DNA works can also prepare you for an interesting career choice, perhaps in solving crimes! Whether you’re looking for an interesting hobby, stories to entertain your children or searching for ideas to write a book, finding out about your heritage will be an extremely worthwhile investment of your time.

You never know, you may even come across an inheritance you knew nothing about! Start by finding out more about the curious world of DNA and genealogy.

By bringing the past to life, world history will be seen in a new and exciting light. You’ll find out about yourself, your family and their place in society.

You will be learning:

  • What DNA is and what it can tell you
  • How DNA is used by professionals and to solve crimes
  • How DNA can help you trace diseases
  • Why genealogy is important and how it will help you
  • Where to look for documents and interpret them to uncover your family history
  • Using public records and databases to speed up your search
  • The best ways to use the information to find relatives or uncover medical conditions

There are countless possibilities of how you can use this knowledge. Your family will love you for creating new anecdotes to share with them. You can even use this knowledge to help others with their genealogy. You can research other people’s history as part of a project or to write a book or film script, for example. This fascinating subject opens so many doors to you. All you need is your imagination!

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