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Learn how to analyze the behavior of violent and aggressive criminals and discover if a career in criminal psychology is right for you!


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Do you have what it takes to understand the mind? Take a deep dive into the world of Criminal Psychology to learn more - and see if this is the career for you!

What causes a person to commit crimes? Will you be the person to definitively answer the age-old question? The criminal mind is a fascinating thing, and among the professionals tasked with exploring that mind are criminal psychologists.

In this course, we explore what it takes to be a criminal psychologist, looking at education, career options, and exploring criminal theory. Interesting, challenging, and with an average salary of $63,000, is criminal psychology the career for you?

You'll get an up-close look at the job and the people that a criminal psychologist interacts with, from colleagues to cops to the criminals themselves.

This course takes you through the many types of crime, the motivations that drive some criminals and leaves you with a more full understanding of the ways in which a person might think and act. For anyone interested in the mind, this course will enlighten and allow you to understand other people - and yourself - a little bit better.

You'll learn about the background and education that a criminal psychologist must have. We'll discuss critical thinking, impartiality, professionalism and how one should conduct themselves as a psychologist. We'll cover bias and how to avoid it, as well as discussing cultural differences and the ways you can make sure that you are culturally competent.

We'll take an indepth look into many different types of crimes, from sex crimes to murder, and discuss different theories of crimes. We'll explain it all and leave you with the tools and abilities to carefully consider theories, look at evidence, and come to an informed conclusion.

You will leave this course with improved critical thinking skills and a better understanding of science, justice, and pyschology.

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