Choosing Life: A suicide intervention program!

Choosing Life with Nexus College

At some point, all health practitioners, and from time to time teaching staff, have to face a client who is suicidal. If you feel uncertain about what to do and how to intervene and help your client Choose Life, this training is for you.

This revolutionary one-day training program developed by Richard Hill, will equip you with the foundational knowledge and skills to work with clients at risk of suicide and serious self-harm.

If you work with people who are struggling with issues and they can't see a way out then this program will equip you with foundational knowledge and skills like no other suicide intervention or prevention workshop.

Once you complete this one day intensive training, you will, Master how to…

  • Increase your awareness of suicide clues;

  • Find prevention opportunities clients may not see;

  • Open the discussion with clients about suicide;

  • Help clients move towards safety and facilitate links with further help from family, friends and professional helpers as needed.

What you will learn:

This intensive 1-day program developed by Richard Hill of the MindScience Institute, an expert in the Dynamics of Human Behaviour will walk you through:

  1. What is suicide? - phenomenology, statistics, myths and mysteries - The Pathway of Harm and the Pathway of Care.

  2. Risk factors - mental health factors, including depression, psychosis, bipolar, personality disorders - what medication says about a person's neurobiological state - role and impact of the media.

  3. Protective factors - understanding of risk factors and protective factors.

  4. Practical activity - Building local resource.

  5. Review of theoretical underpinnings - Psycho-neuro-biology of connectedness.

  6. For Life Program - client/practitioner relationship - effects of chronic stress - curiosity oriented approach - effects of lifestyle practices.

  7. Practical exercises - responding to overt / covert / and implicit client behaviours - Explanation of Assessment Chart.

  8. Dealing with affected family, friends and helping professionals - how to integrate this program with various therapeutic techniques.

These skills will assist you when working with clients at risk of suicide and serious self-harm, YOU can help them Choose Life.


Can not find a date? Then shoot us an email to express your interest to be advised when we next host this workshop?

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