Couples Communication: It can be the death of a marriage

Objective of Event:

During the course of the day participants will explore in depth:

  1. The role of communication in a relationship;

  2. How communication works more effectively;

  3. Lifestyle plans that result in a life where communication is not avoided; and

  4. How to apply the theories of such a day into ones private practice with clients.

Course / Workshop Outline:

Registration: 30-minutes

Introduction: 30-minutes

The usual hello how are you icebreaker process.

Setting the Scene: 60-minutes

This session explores three core areas:

  1. What we bring into relationships;

  2. How to identify a relationship that is already ‘dead’ and how to assist clients to move forward outside of the relationship; and

  3. How to identify what assistance we are being asked to provide – is this a rejuvenation/renovation of the relationship or do we need to bring it right back to its bones and help rebuild.

Morning Tea: 30-minutes

Theoretical Insights: 120-minutes

This session investigates a series of ‘issues’ that affect relationships and how practitioners can (i) identify presenting issues; and (ii) some in-counselling solutions/ challenges/activities that can be undertaken to assist clients confronting such issues.

Course / Workshop content:

With ever-increasing demands and expectations placed on the modern family, coupledom is confronted more and more challenges to stay connected and ‘happy’… Coming from a communication perspective through a process of philosophical inquiry this workshop explores a series of challenges and issues that present themselves in homes across the country every day.

Topics covered include past experiences, conflict and communication within the relationship; all of which are explored in a series of a group discussion titled:

  • Knock Down & Rebuild

  • At The Grave Side

  • Who Do You Bring To A Relationship?

  • A Cat Can’t Bark And A Dog Can’t Meow

  • Processing Information Or Problems

  • The Journey Versus The Destination Communicators

  • What Colour Are Your Ears?

  • Asking For What You Need

  • Don’t Shoot Yourself In The Foot

  • Use Your Words

  • The Crappy Chop Syndrome

  • The Language Of Love

  • One Agenda At A Time

  • It Only Takes One Person To Change

  • Emotional Weeing

  • Tears Versus Anger

  • Feelings – Emotions – Moods

  • Happy Wife, Happy Life

  • Fight Fair

  • Sex Versus Intimacy

  • Words Equal G-Spot

Throughout the course of the day, participants will be challenged to look at things in a different way and try various approaches to discuss real-world-issues that our clients confront within their relationships.

Presenter Details:

This event will be co-facilitated by Toni Langford and Shane Warren.

Toni's business is TLC (Toni Langford Counselling) and is a Caringbah based counselling and clinical supervision service, offering face-to-face and Skype counselling and supervision to individuals, couples, families & groups. Toni's passion is relationship problems & issues, educating them to understand what the other person is saying and not to put their own filters and perspectives on what they think they're hearing. The key to good or even great communication is not to be a good talker; it's to be a good or even great listener.

Working from rooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Singapore and Hong Kong; Shane is a highly sort after counsellor, coach and supervisor across the Asia Pacific region. With thousands of hours of group facilitation and clinical work under his belt he is passionate about assisting individuals to be better for themselves so that they can be better for others.

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