Emotional Freedom Through Yoga Combined with EFT

Participants will learn a series of yoga poses to release difficult emotions and how to benefit from this release with emotional freedom techniques.

On completion of the workshop, practitioners will:

  1. Demonstrate a clear understanding of EFT and how it can be applied in the counselling relationship.

  2. Be able to perform six core yoga poses for emotional release.

  3. Be able to provide therapeutic treatment for individuals that combined emotional release yoga and EFT strategies.

What you wil learn:

By sitting in long holds for 5-10 minutes, not only does the body release physically, we find mental and emotional release as well. For people who are working through things from their past or current situations, this can be incredibly powerful and healing. It can also be extremely painful to bring up these emotions, this workshop will explore how Emotional Release Techniques with yoga emotional stretch techniques, can help in both bringing the emotion to the surface and its underlaying thoughts forward, as well as reframing core beliefs so that we can release the emotion from our subconscious and body.


Can not find a date? Then shoot us an email to express your interest to be advised when we next host this workshop?



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